Restaurants in the Area

Eating Out close to Mougins, Valbonne and Castellaras le Vieux

With Valbonne and Mougins so close to the domain, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out if you have a home at Castellaras le Vieux.

There is an abundance of restaurants and eateries in and around the domain, so you will never be lost for where to go to eat out.

It would be very difficult for us to recommend any particular place to eat as I’m sure the places we like and find reasonable may not exactly be shared by others, so we aim to give you a broad idea of what is available and the choices you have.

Valbonne – this is a lovely place to meet & eat, with the main square hosting four or five different restaurants in the square alone. Each one is very well populated which shows the food there is always good as many people who visit the area return, an indication that the owners maintain a good level of both service and food. If you want atmosphere whilst dining al fresco, then the square is the place to go.

There is also a variety of more places to eat in the side streets of Valbonne with some real hidden gems, so if you are looking for a more relaxed and quieter meal, then try one of these, you’ll not be disappointed !

Apart from some family owned places, there are some Bistro type places, an Indian and a very popular Moroccan, which always deliveres both excellent food and atmosphere.

There are also two pizza restaurants, both equally good and recommended plus you may even find the odd pizza take-away vehicle placed nearby if you just want a quick meal to eat at home.

There are also some very high quality restaurants to be found in the old town of Mougins, with one in particular enjoying wonderful views form their terrace looking across the valley to the chateau within Castellaras le Vieux

Cannes is a little further away to travel to but there is an abundance of places to eat and drink in and around the main promenade, from very fancy and exclusive places, to those offering more snack or quick type meals. A relaxed stroll around the town will always result in you finding somewhere appropriate to eat!

A short drive to Antibes is also a good place to go, as a pre-meal stroll around the harbour is always a pleasure as you try to decide which of the largest boats you would rather own!

Again a host of eateries are available here, from an all day English Pub type establishment which offers food, drink and sport on TV, to a very nice Asian restaurant, with the usual array of good French restaurants offering more traditional French foods. We are never disappointed when we come away from trying a place to eat in Antibes!

If you are visiting Nice, then the restaurants in and around the market there offers a wide variety of both food and prices, with your usual Pizza/Pasta places alongside higher quality French restaurants, with many offering outside dining for both lunch and dinner.

In conclusion, we have tried to offer a small taste of what there is available however I think you can be assured that where ever you go the food and service in that area is always at a certain standard and you’ll very rarely be disappointed no matter where you go.

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