Close to the Mougins, Valbonne and the Private Domain of Castellaras

Mougins, Valbonne and Castellaras Le Vieux is ideally located in the heart of the South of France and has some interesting places to shop close by should you feel the need to spend your money!

There are ample shopping opportunities in around this area of the South of France should you wish to go shopping, with the obvious choices being the local regular markets or occasional street markets normally found during the summer months.

Valbonne offers a weekly market every Friday which normally takes over the whole square and surrounding roads, offering a variety of food, cloths and regional products. As well as the usual high quality renowned high street stores, there is also a daily market in Nice which is always a clourful experience with it’s range of flowers, plants, food and cosmetics – a good place to visit even if it is slightly smaller.

As for shops, the main large shopping centre close by is CAP3000 ( with it’s host of indoor shops and eateries. Apart from the named shops there like Apple, it also has a quality supermarket offering a wide range of local and international type foods. This could be an ideal place to visit if the weather is either too hot or too wet!

As the home of fragrances, Grasse is the place to visit for perfume being less than 30 mins away and St Paul D’Vance is the place to go for anything to do with art, be it paintings or sculptures.

With such a wide range of options there is something here for everyone no matter what your preferences.

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